Registered Charity No. 1167193

Donation update

Jazakallah khairun to everyone who has made a donation, without which we would not be able to start this important journey of modernisation of Madni Masjid – Dewsbury.

It is without doubt that The Almighty Allah SWT has made all this possible through everyone working together to achieve this goal.

Alhamdulliah, we have managed to raise so far £442,738 as of April 2019. This is however short of our target goal of £500,000, but never the less, its more than enough to start PHASE ONE of the renovation project.

The projected cost of PHASE ONE is £385,000 to gut the whole interior of the building and start 4 new floors, made of steel construction with concrete floors, all supported by one single central pillar, eradicating the several pillars that currently stand.

The new steel frame will be tied into all four external walls further strengthening the exterior.

The projected works which started at a slow pace in January 2019, is expected to take several months, possibly a year depending on any complications that may arise.

We have therefore taken the steps to hire alternative temporary location of up 2 years should there be any unforeseen hurdles. (this is 1 Manor st, WF12 8ED, behind Barclays Bank)

We ask for your continued support and cooperation through this transitional period, we ask for your daily duas and further ask if you are able to, please continue to donate and make others aware too, that they also can invest in their ahkiraa (hereafter).

Jazak Allah khairun